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Free your adventurous spirit, and set off to discover a land of legends where an ocher-colored rock massif of exceptional character reigns supreme, a landscape worthy of Colorado. Facing the breathtaking view of the rock, picnic in a unique atmosphere, with a chic ethnic style and terracotta shades surrounded by marvelous preserved nature. A real invitation to escape providing a feeling of freedom.

the + : nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts can explore the surroundings and take the paths that wind through the hills, a route leading to the summit of the rock culminating at 373 m high.

the story : according to legend, when Christ died on the cross, the rock cracked into three large faults which symbolized the three wounds of Calvary. Thus, three crosses were built at the summit and since then pilgrimages have been carried out there.

Package for 2 people including:

  • Decor: rugs, cushions, lantern, vases, dried flowers, candles, mini table, glasses.
  • Brunch platter at lunchtime or cheese and charcuterie platter in the evening (hallal on request)
  • soft drink of your choice
  • parasol depending on season
  • installation and uninstallation
  • duration 2 hours
  • +30€ per person/additional

The location is kept secret, for a surprise effect the position will be sent to you one hour before the scheduled arrival.

Options on quote: photo session with professional photographer

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