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Brunch & yoga Saturday May 11


Enjoy a rejuvenating and gourmet break in a place of tranquility, a protected natural space "Pointe des Sardinaux" nicknamed "Little Corsica". A true haven of peace, between sea and nature.

Meet at 11 a.m. for a yoga class guided by Elodie Huertas, followed by a delicious brunch in the park planted with umbrella pines offering a splendid sea view. An intense moment of well-being.

Elodie Huertas Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Singer

A yoga teacher for almost 10 years, I am a lover of nature and all that it offers us in its richness and beauty. I teach hatha-yoga, vinyasa flow, yin-yoga and I also offer energy rebalancing treatments to the sound of my soft voice and many instruments from around the world such as crystal bowls, Rajasthani jaw harps, Tibetan bowls, guitar, shamanic drum and many others.

Founder of the Center L'Infini, I am a visionary and an alchemist of places, I create spaces of care, love and sharing through my teachings and I am keen to meet you during Brunch & Yoga with Lady Mary.

Center l’Infini ART & WELL-BEING in Sainte Maxime.

Program :

11 a.m./12:15 p.m. vinyasa yoga class

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a good entry into the world of Yoga and allows you to quickly calm the mind. A modern and dynamic method, it is inspired above all by traditional Hatha Yoga with the objective of stopping the mind and ultimate awareness of the present moment thanks to the dynamic sequence of postures combined with breathing. Remember to take your mat!

12:30 healthy brunch

After the effort, it’s time for comfort! Enjoy relaxing in a pretty, chic picnic setting in the sea view park and savoring a delicious brunch and detox drinks.

Access: It is accessed via the ledge lined with umbrella pines; it is located just before Nartelle beach. From the road, it is difficult to see it, the place is limited to pedestrians and parking, difficult, is done at the side of the road.


5 euros from each participation will be donated to an association helping women.

cancellation and refund due to bad weather.